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Reception Centre Islam Qala (Iran, Afghanistan)

Iran, Afghanistan

Titre : Reception Centre Islam Qala (Iran, Afghanistan)

Pays  : Iran, Afghanistan

Date/Durée : January 2017 – June 2019

Many communities in Afghanistan have fled from violent conflict and natural disasters in the past years and decades. Overall, a third of Afghanistan’s population has migrated or been displaced since 2012. The majority gravitated to places close to home – to the neighbouring countries Pakistan and Iran.

Despite finding refuge in these states, the harsh experience of being uprooted often continues in the host countries, especially if the refugees’ situation is unregulated and laws do not protect them. Many Afghans are therefore returning to their country of origin, once again in search for a more stable environment. This return is not always voluntary, as the host countries’ authorities also deport people to the border crossings. According to recent data published by the IOM, of the 10,659 unregistered Afghans who crossed back into Afghanistan from Iran through the prominent Nimroz and Islam Qala border crossings, more than half were deported. Overall, the IOM counted 451,073 returnees from Iran in 2019. To be deported means to have even less opportunity to plan one’s journey, making people even more vulnerable.

NRC aimed at improving the existing infrastructure at Islam Qala in a way that would allow for the screening and registration for large numbers of people, including the provision of information according to their situation. The new facilities should ensure that returnees were treated with dignity, could access proper sanitation facilities, and did not have to continue their journeys without better information about the security situation along their indicated route.

Bénéficiaires : 421,255 per year (as by IOM data)

Mise en œuvre : Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC)

Co-financé par German Federal Foreign Office (FFO) through KfW and PATRIP Foundation
Budget : 420,000.00 EUR

PATRIP Foundation

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