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Tem Market (Tajikistan, Afghanistan)


Titre : Tem Market (Tajikistan, Afghanistan)

Pays  : Tajikistan, Afghanistan
Localisation : (Gorno-) Badakhshan region,

Date/Durée : Jan 2014 – Sep 2015

Communities living on both sides of the Panj river, which marks the border between Tajikistan and Afghanistan in the (Gorno-) Badakhshan region, share a common culture, including local customs and language. Climate and geographical conditions are harsh, which often makes it challenging for the population to lift itself out of poverty. On both sides of the border, people live in communities that are difficult to access, which makes them depend on each other for trade. Nevertheless, people have been crossing into their neighbouring country to trade in several regions around the border, particularly after the construction of bridges in Ishkashim, Shughnan, Langar, and Darvaz. This development has cast light on so-called cross-border markets and the important role they play for the population’s social and economic life.

The project aimed at further formalising trade relations along the border, by capitalising on already existing structures and behaviour. This included to ensure proper maintenance by authorities of the market, as well as improving and expanding the infrastructure of the already existing Tem Market in Khorog. Not only should it be expanded in size but also equipped with quality buildings able to retain heat, thereby making it possible for the population to engage in trade even during winter months. In general, improving the overall attractiveness of the market by adding proper sanitation facilities, as well as a teahouse and spaces for cultural events, was meant to create more economic traffic and provide people with a pleasant platform for social interaction.

Mise en œuvre : Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN)

Co-financé par German Federal Foreign Office (FFO) through KfW and PATRIP Foundation
Budget : 330,760.00 EUR

PATRIP Foundation

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