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Passion fruit production and marketing (Kenya)


Titre : Passion fruit production and marketing (Kenya)

Pays  : Kenya
Localisation : Kwale county.

Date/Durée : Non précisées

Passion fruit is one of Kenya’s top three export fruits. But many Kenyan farmers are not earning as much as they could from the fruit – a combination of poor planting and orchard management, and increasing plant disease and pests. When they do have fruit to sell, many farmers struggle to access markets and gain high prices for their produce. One way of making the fruit more valuable is to package and process it, but farmers are often not familiar with these techniques.

We helped women farmers earn as much as possible from their passion fruit by : * improving orchard management and introducing better seed varieties * establishing seed nurseries to distribute better seedlings and train other farmers how to use them * establishing packaging and processing centres to increase the value of the passion fruit and provide employment * creating links between farmers and buyers to ensure better prices

Bénéficiaires  : We worked with women farmers’ groups in Kenya’s Kwale county.

Partenaires : This project was funded by a grant from our Maendeleo Agricultural Enterprise Fund and was implemented in partnership with the Kenya Agricultural Research Institute.

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