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Somalia—Partnership for Economic Growth


Titre : Somalia—Partnership for Economic Growth

Pays  : Somalie

Date/Durée : 2011-2016

A number of the Somali areas that enjoy relative peace and stability have established functioning governance structures and favorable business environments that have facilitated investment in sectors including livestock, import and export, telecommunications, remittances, and more. These areas are now ripe for support to private sector development, investment, and economic policy development. The USAID Partnership for Economic Growth program works with local authorities and private sector groups to improve the enabling environment for investment and generate more productive employment and incomes.

Sélection de résultats
* Conducted Somaliland’s first business-plan competition ; invested more than $1 million in matching grants for the winning small and medium enterprises, which represent promising sectors such as agriculture, livestock, fisheries, and renewable energy. * Created more than 1,500 new or better jobs through these investments, including in Somaliland’s first salt processing plant, first two wind farms, first major drip-irrigation system for livestock fattening farms, and two fish processing and cold storage facilities. * Developed Somaliland’s first agriculture extension unit since the civil war ; participating farmers saw yields increase by 100-500 percent, while production costs decreased due to improved practices, making the farmers more competitive with Ethiopian imports. * Helped develop Somaliland’s first Electrical Energy Law, which is expected to benefit more than 2 million power-users in the major cities. * Developed and implemented community-based animal health training and curriculum, benefiting an estimated 80,000 people who can now access better- trained veterinary pharmacists and extension workers. * Through support to the Ministry of Commerce, developed more streamlined investment laws, an investment guide, and, which is expected to benefit 2,000 registered businesses.

Financement  : U.S. Agency for International Development

Development Alternatives Incorporated (DAI)

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