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Afghan Community-Led Economic Stability


Titre : Afghan Community-Led Economic Stability

Pays : Afghanistan

Dates : 01 Oct 2017 // 30 Sep 2020

ACES works towards sustainable improvements in Quality of Life for women and men through increased economic activity, market improvement, and market access. ACES creates an enabling environment for subnational governance structures, civil society organizations, private sector bodies, and community-based women’s organizations to act in the economic realm and to mitigate conflict through economic development. Over a three year, multi-sector engagement targeting disadvantaged, poor, and rural women and men from the ages of 18-55, the project transforms systems with targeted interventions in market development, natural resource management, and human and institutional development.

Mise en œuvre : Aga Khan Foundation

Présentation : OpenAid NL

Page publiée le 30 septembre 2020