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Rural Financial Intermediation Programme III (Ethiopia)


Titre : Rural Financial Intermediation Programme III (Ethiopia)

Pays : Ethiopie

Date d’approbation : 29 November 2019
Durée : 2019 – 2025

Institution : International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)

The overall goal of RUFIP III is improved livelihoods and reduced vulnerability and poverty in Ethiopia. The objective of the programme is improved livelihoods and reduced vulnerability and poverty through increased incomes and better ability to manage risks at household level. RUFIP III will be achieved through a nationwide network of 11000+ RUFIP supported RUSACCOs and their secondary structure (the Unions) and 38 MFIs. Improved access to finance will also include targeting beneficiaries of other IFAD funded projects. RUFIP will cover 13.5 million clients of which more than 75% will be poor in different strata and includes about 6.5 million new clients to be acquired during the programme period. The key outcomes planned are (i) strong rural financial institutions with sound operating performance that offer better Financial access to vulnerable people, (ii) Wider offer of services and products responsive to customer needs from RFIs that are supported to diversify and expand business and (iii) Effective Financial inclusion for marginalised people and regions. RUFIP III, will continue to be a nationwide initiative with increased focus on least developed areas. The proposed target group consists of rural poor (3.25 million very poor, 7 million moderately poor and 3.25 million other categories) people with financial services requirements (savings, credit and insurance) for asset build up and loans for agricultural and other rural enterprises, especially youth-led and women-led. People in least developed areas would be served in a manner designed to improve their resilience through savings, credit and insurance products. Beneficiaries of other IFAD supported investment projects – PASDIP II, PCDP III, LLRP – will be targeted as well.

Informations financières
Coût total du projet : 305.79 million
Financement IFAD : US$ 39.99 million

Présentation : IFAD

Project design reports (pdf)

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