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Pays : Libye
Localisation : Tripoli, Ghadames, Benghazi, Misrata, Yefren, Zwara, Traghen, Sebha, Zawia, Zintan, Sirt

Durée : October 2013 to March 2020

Contexte : The Libya Economic Empowerment (LEE) program builds on the success of the USAID’s previous work, in partnership with Mennonite Economic Development Agency (MEDA), to expand Libyan women’s entrepreneurship program to a larger segment of Libyan society to include at-risk youth, who may be vulnerable to engaging in extremist activities. The program opens untapped economic potential of nascent entrepreneurs and enables more citizens to contribute to Libya’s economic growth. LEE fosters economic empowerment through business training and access to financing, enabling more people to participate in Libya’s economy. For the business community, the program provides networking opportunities for building more effective market linkages. Overall, LEE enhances the role of youth in the economy, increases stability within communities, and improves the livelihoods of those who have participated in the program.

* LEE provides essential business skills training. LEE’s Virtual Business Support platform incorporates a start-up guide aimed at providing step-by-step support for establishing a business in Libya.
* LEE improves access to finance for small and medium-sized Libyan businesses by providing small grants to women and youth entrepreneurs.
* LEE provides ”Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Skills for Business” trainings, targeting the needs of youth and women, focusing on topics such as using ICT to support entrepreneurial endeavors ; using the internet for business ; conducting business online ; shaping professional communications, including the professional usage of email communication ; and utilizing social media for small-business marketing.
* women and the Navigator training for men, which help empower, transform, and advance personal development skills for both women and youth.

Mise en œuvre : Mennonite Economic Development Agency (MEDA) Budget  : • USAID Investment : $4.49 million

Agence de Développement International du Gouvernement des Etats Unis (USAID)

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