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Pays : Jordanie

Durée : 2015-2017

Over the next two years, the USAID Non-Formal Education (NFE) Program will provide at least 1,680 out-of-school youth – including Syrian refugees – in Jordan with access to a quality education. Through the establishment of 28 new NFE centers and building the capacity of educators in dozens more, the NFE Program will improve educational and social outcomes for youth in Jordan. The NFE Program will be implemented by Questscope, in collaboration with the MOE and local community actors. Questscope’s NFE program is grounded in a specialized Participatory Learning Methodology© that actively engages students in their own learning and facilitates positive relationships between learners and educators. Over the past ten years, Questscope’s NFE program has enrolled over 12,000 youth throughout Jordan.

* 28 new NFE centers will be established and equipped throughout Jordan in collaboration with Questscope and the Jordan Ministry of Education.
* Local community members will serve as Outreach Mobilizers at each NFE center to enroll new students and organize local community committee meetings.
* Every week, enrolled students will participate in ten hours of NFE programming, focused on their individual educational and socio-emotional needs.
* Learners will play an active role in shaping their own classroom environment and the topics covered during NFE sessions.
* An online and in-person Community of Practice will build the capacity of and establish networks among NFE Facilitators.

Bénéficiaires : 1,680 students • 28 new centers • 300 educators

Partenaires : Questscope

Budget  : $4.68 million

Agence de Développement International du Gouvernement des Etats Unis (USAID)

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