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Libya Women Economic Empowerment (LWEE)


Titre : Libya Women Economic Empowerment (LWEE)

Pays : Libye

Durée : October 2013 – September 2017

LWEE releases the untapped economic potential of women entrepreneurs and enables more women to contribute to Libya’s economic growth and political stability. LWEE economically empowers women through business training and access to financing, enabling them to participate in Libya’s formal economy. LWEE creates women-owned business associations for networking and builds more effective market linkages. LWEE enhances the role of women in the economy, increases stability within communities, and improves the livelihoods of women who have participated in the program.

* LWEE provides essential business skills training and small grants targeting Libyan women entrepreneurs, so they can start a business and grow their business profitably and sustainably.
* LWEE works to strengthen business associations, especially those targeting women, to create sustainable Internet-based platforms for business engagement and advocacy. Working through these networks, LWEE provides leadership training to women and highlights women in leadership and business roles in Libya ;
* LWEE strengthens business incubation services for women entrepreneurs by working with local organizations to develop innovative products and approaches that expand outreach and impact through information communication technology strategies.
* LWEE works to improve access to finance for small and medium-sized Libyan businesses by developing a portal for traditional as well as innovative financial services. In addition, the project has a matching grant fund to assist women in the creation of new businesses or to expand existing ones.

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