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BEE-LIEVE - empowering beekeepers in Ethiopia


Titre : BEE-LIEVE - empowering beekeepers in Ethiopia

Beekeepers Economic Empowerment through long-Term Investments in Entrepreneurship and Value chain in Ethiopia (BEE-LIEVE)

Pays : Ethiopie

Durée : November 2017 to November 2022

The overall objective of the project is to contribute to reducing poverty among poor and vulnerable people in Ethiopia through an inclusive and sustainable honey value chain development. Increasing and diversifying income and reducing poverty in the rural community, mainly women and landless youth is a priority which is also part of the government plan in Tigray

BEE-LIEVE works with smallholder beekeepers, particularly women and landless youths, to boost honey production and expand market base by improving access to key inputs, finance and market. It focuses on improving the technical, business and entrepreneurial skills of small producers and other value chain actors and supporters.

Beekeepers, Self Help Groups, primary cooperatives, union input suppliers, extension service providers, Honey SMEs and buyers (collectors, retailers, wholesalers, processors, exporters), research and technology institutions, government institutions at all levels are engaged along the value chain. The project focuses on initiating and establishing public-private partnership dialogue and improving the value chain’s governance ensuring a win-win relationship among key actors. It is a project that aims at enhancing smallholder farmers’ income generation capabilities through diversification into apiary and converting a difficult and rugged terrain into economically viable land. In such rugged terrain with relatively harsh weather, bee-keeping is a well suited production system compared to crop production that exacerbates the degradation of an already degraded landscape.

Mise en œuvre : Relief Society of Tigray (REST) with coordination support from Oxfam in Ethiopia

Total budget : EUR 6 494 000.00
EU contribution : EUR 4 545 800.00

Union Européenne

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