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Managing the Zakouma National Park in Chad


Titre : Managing the Zakouma National Park in Chad

Protecting wildlife and supporting livelihoods in Chad

Pays : Tchad

Contexte : Zakouma National Park is one of the last remaining intact Sudano-Sahelian ecosystems in Africa. The park was founded in 1963 by the Chadian Government and the EU has supported the park for over 15 years. It became a public-private partnership in 2010, run by African Parks Network and the Chadian

Durée : January 2011 - January 2016

Objectif  : To support the management of the Zakouma National Park

* There has been only one poaching incident in the park since 2011 and the population is increasing. * New-born calves have been observed for the first time in many years ; 40 have been born since 2013. * A new village radio system was set-up and has improved communication links between the park and its neighbours. * A camp ground is available for Chadian nationals free of charge and for school groups on environmental field trips. * The park helps to provide for the social, education and health needs of the local communities. A school building programme began in 2013, with 7 schools planned over a five-year period. More children attend school now, and people’s quality of life has improved thanks to the provision of healthcare.


Total budget (EUR) : 7 669 000
EU contribution (EUR) : 6 900 000

Union Européenne

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