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Toward commercial agriculture for women smallholders (Mali)


Titre : Toward commercial agriculture for women smallholders (Mali)

Pays /Région : Mali

Durée : 2013 – 2014

Contexte : In Mali, women’s roles are mostly limited to household work. This is due partly to cultural factors, but also to limited access to land and lack of appropriate equipment resulting from the unavailability of financing, which restricts their ability to generate sufficient family income and become self-reliant

Sponsored by the Foundation in partnership with The World Food Programme, the program aimed to enable women’s farmer organizations in south and central Mali to engage more actively in commercial agriculture. By providing agricultural and cooking tools, it looked to improve the productivity and self-sufficiency of female-run farms, and thus reduce gender inequalities. It also provided women with training to help them operate their farms more effectively, including literacy classes, accounting, post-harvest management and agricultural techniques.

Machinery provided to women farmers included millers, ploughs and oxen, and cultivators, allowing increases in plot performance and productivity while reducing reliance on male farmers, traditionally the equipment holders. The equipment also allowed women to earn extra income by renting out their equipment to community members for a small service fee. This additional revenue was used to maintain the equipment and run farmer organizations, membership of which has increased, building additional self-sufficiency and community empowerment. Forty-nine training sessions were delivered, focusing on various topics such as agricultural techniques, post-harvest handling and quality standards, aiming to make women farmers more self-reliant.

Partenaire : United Nation’s World Food Programme (WFP)

Bénéficiaires : 23 083 (1 057 female farmers)

Louis Dreyfus Fondation

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