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Buy a Cow to Educate a HS Student in Rural Kenya


Titre : Buy a Cow to Educate a HS Student in Rural Kenya

Pays : Kenya

Date : Date non précisée

Poverty, illiteracy and unemployment in rural Western Kenya has led many people into prostitution, brewing and selling of local illicit brews to make a living. This has also caused non-functional families and high spread of HIV/AIDS, hence many children have been left orphaned, neglected and vulnerable. To break this vicious cycle of poverty, we are empowering the children through education and skills, envisioning that they will in future become part of a larger solution for their community.

Tumaini Miles of Smiles provides quality education through primary school to the orphaned and children from very poor families. Most children cannot afford to continue their education through high school. The Tumaini High School Fund will give many children an opportunity to continue their education. Donors can make monthly contributions to cover the costs for one child’s education or make a contribution to the general fund.

Ensuring the high school education of a child will have an invaluable impact on their life, family and community and will help to break the cycle of poverty. The Fund will allow the 600 children in Tumaini’s primary school to continue their education in high school, so they may become self-reliant adults contributing to the community.

Porteur projet : Tumaini Miles of Smiles Centre

Budget : €46,565

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