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Toilets Reduce Absentees for 200 Kenyan Students


Titre : Toilets Reduce Absentees for 200 Kenyan Students

Pays : Kenya

Date : Date non précisée

In Siaya County, Kenya, many primary school age children miss an excessive amount of school because of health related issues. Many of the illnesses keeping these children from attending school and attaining the essential education they need to thrive, are transmitted due to the lack of sanitary toilets and no hand-wash stations at their schools. As students miss school in these early years, their academic level is reduced, thus making it difficult to learn to their fullest in secondary school.

Nehemiah’s Restoration will build two 6-stall toilets (one for boys and one for girls) at a primary school, along with multiple hand-wash stations, so that students have a clean and germ-free environment at their school. The teachers of the school will also be provided with regular trainings on the importance of washing hands and how to encourage best practices with the students.

We know that children in this area are better able to get and maintain a job or work more efficiently on their family’s farm as adults, when they have a solid education. Better health produces fewer absenteeism in school. Over 200 students will benefit from this project by remaining healthier to attend school regularly, become better educated in their primary years, and have the ability to better their future family life through the value of a solid education, now !

Porteur projet : Nehemiah’s Restoration

Budget : €8,026

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Page publiée le 11 septembre 2020