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Help Rural Women Start Income Generating Projects (Zimbabwe)


Titre : Help Rural Women Start Income Generating Projects (Zimbabwe)

Pays : Zimbabwe

Date : Date non précisée

Women in the rural areas of Zimbabwe bear almost all responsibility for meeting the basic needs of the family yet they are disadvantaged economically and educationally and are systematically denied the resources, information and freedom of action they need to fulfill this responsibility. This situation has been exacerbated by HIV/AIDS which has rapidly become a woman’s disease. Women living with AIDS are struggling to support their children and they cant afford the cost of receiving treatment

Women will sell mushrooms and honey to earn money to take care of their children. In addition, the medicinal and nutritional value of mushr ooms and bee pollen will benefit the women living with AIDS as they are not receiving proper treatment.

To introduce sustainable income generating projects that will lift 100 rural women out of poverty and reliance into economic independence and self-reliance and better position them to take care of their health needs and the needs of their children.

Porteur projet : Tekeshe Foundation

Budget : €5,834

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Page publiée le 11 septembre 2020