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Livestock for 300 Orphan Families in Zimbabwe


Titre : Livestock for 300 Orphan Families in Zimbabwe

Pays : Zimbabwe

Date : Date non précisée

Zimbabwe has an estimated 1.8 million orphans, mostly due to HIV/AIDS. Poverty, AIDS and economic collapse has severely weakened the extended family which has traditionally played a vital role of being the natural carer of the orphaned child. Moreover, the sheer numbers of AIDS orphans have overwhelmed other support services that have traditionally played a complimentary role in orphan care. Many children are destitute, hungry and lacking education with no way out without external help.

AFCA makes resources available to caregivers of orphaned children in order to support their efforts at building their capacity to sustain the kids in their care. Through the provision of small livestock, infrastructure needs, training, and seeds, this project allows the children’s nutritional levels to improve. This project alsol help these children become self-sufficient, as they learn the skills of gardening and livestock rearing.

Children who need good, nutritious food will receive it, allowing them to do better in school and to become healthier. Livelihoods programs will allow their caregivers to maintain a better level of income, becoming self-sustaining in the long term. Between the education the children receive and the training they receive a they help raise animals, they gain incredibly important skills that will last them a lifetime, helping them break out of the cycle of poverty.

Porteur projet : American Foundation for Children with AIDS

Budget : €18,020

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