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Goats and Donkeys Transform Lives in Darfur (Sudan)


Titre : Goats and Donkeys Transform Lives in Darfur (Sudan)

Pays : Soudan

Date : Date non précisée

In Darfur rural communities struggle out of sight of the rest of the world. Prolonged violence and drought have had a devastating impact and mean that families simply cannot afford to feed their children. Protein is rare and an income impossible. Goat’s milk is often the only source of protein, vitamins & minerals for the children who are all severely malnourished. A donkey means that mothers can carry water across the desert to save their children having to walk in the searing heat to the well

All our projects are sustainable and enable families to stay in their own homes. Our Goat Loan has been called the "best microfinance scheme ever". A family is lent 5 nanny goats, and a billy goat shared between 3 families. After 2 years when the flock has grown, 5 kid goats are passed on to benefit another family in the village ! Each little flock provides milk for children and an income for mothers who can sell surplus milk and yoghurt at market. Donkeys provide transport and help carry goods.

Children’s health improves ; families have greater security of income and increased skills ; the community is empowered. Donkeys save time for basic tasks giving children the time to go to school. Handpumps close by reduce women’s exposure to attack. By ensuring that goats are passed to a new family every 2 years, our project benefits the whole community over time. This project is sustainable and has eradicated malnutrition in 100 Kids for Kids villages, BUT there are over 900 villages in need

Porteur projet : Kids for Kids

Budget : €110,615

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Page publiée le 13 septembre 2020