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Educate girls and fight poverty in Senegal


Titre : Educate girls and fight poverty in Senegal

Pays : Senegal

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UNICEF estimates that almost two-thirds of women age 15 and up in Senegal are illiterate, and that only 16 percent of Senegalese girls finish elementary school and go on to secondary school. Our project enables over 500 girls in rural Senegal to have access to education ; helps families and communities provide support to their daughters in school ; and works to break down the economic, cultural, health-related, and social barriers that keep girls from attending and succeeding in school.

We work to address the complex reasons for girls’ non-attendance or poor performance in school. We provide : scholarships, tutoring, and mentoring to help girls access and succeed in school ; family support services to assist families in supporting their girls ; health education and supplies to help prevent illness and school absences ; community outreach to help increase community investment in girls’ education ; and leadership workshops to help girls become changemakers in their own communities.

Girls who receive education can get better-paying jobs, have increased access to nutrition and sanitation, are better able to prevent illness and fight abuse, and are more likely to educate their own children. This impact ripples through each girl’s family and community—creating a "multiplier effect" that makes educating girls one of the most effective weapons against generational poverty.

Porteur projet : Women’s Global Education Project

Budget : €263,640

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