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Gardens, Goats, and More : Climate Action Palestine


Titre : Gardens, Goats, and More : Climate Action Palestine

Pays : Palestine

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While the pandemic has triggered an economic collapse with deep implications for families in Gaza and the West Bank, it may offer a reprieve for the climate. Reduced fuel consumption and local food production are lowering the carbon footprint. The crisis, though, will be particularly severe on the vulnerable, especially Palestinians without jobs. Made all the harder by Israel’s occupation of Palestine, please help the poorest achieve sustainable food production and advocate for their rights.

Spring time is the time to plant. Our NGO partners have identified families in Gaza and the W. Bank who need help to grow or raise food. They will meet with each family to help them decide to raise animals or plant a garden. Some will start rooftop gardens while others join community gardens or sign leases to use nearby land. O Impact
We draw upon time-honored Palestinian commitment to agricultural sustainability, working with community-based orgs to mentor Palestinian families in need, help them improve their nourishment, and develop a local income source. We will join ur Palestinian NGO partners will provide training to help them become self-sufficient and develop their home-based business. the OCHA Food Cluster consortium of the regional sustainable agriculture programs and be more effective together. In our experience, appeals to Congress do successfully safeguard Palestinian investments. Now, we’ll make it work in a "just-climate" framework.

Porteur projet : Rebuilding Alliance

Budget : €18,303

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