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Rooftop Micro Farms for Refugee Women in Deheishe


Titre : Rooftop Micro Farms for Refugee Women in Deheishe

Pays : Palestine

Date : Date non précisée

Enduring occupation continues to reduce the freedoms,resources and future aspirations of the Palestinians,especially refugees and even more : refugee women. In Deheishe Camp almost no space is available for gardens or food production. Creating rooftop gardens is proved to be a great way to address the needs of these families and positively impact the lives of the women. But more funds are currently needed to provide more women with the necessary means to get their families out of food insecurity.

Rooftop micro farms create a green space on the houses of the women,giving them the opportunity to produce two organic harvests a year. The complete system will provide enough water,shade as well as sun to complete their diet with fresh vegetables,especially improving the development of the children. The green space will improve the environment in the camp,while the possibility of outdoor activity,training in a skill and social recognition for their work,will positively impact the woman’s lives.

Food security for the families involved will be guaranteed even if the fragile political or economic situation changes negatively. Also,the long-term physical and psychological health of the families will be improved and specifically the confidence and life satisfaction of the women involved will grow. The mental wellbeing of the community as a whole will be improved,because of increased access to green space,improved surroundings and the return of agriculture and nature into the families’ lives

Porteur projet : Karama Organisation for Women and Children’s Development

Budget : €30,927

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Page publiée le 5 septembre 2020