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Empower Teen Girls in Morocco


Titre : Empower Teen Girls in Morocco

Pays : Maroc

Date : 2019-12-02

Adolescent girls are the most vulnerable and marginalized group on the planet today. These girls face the double discrimination of being female and young ; they are often denied education and are subject to exploitation, child marriage, and early motherhood.

The Project Soar mission is to empower teen girls to become leaders of today and tomorrow, and we do so through our signature empowerment curriculum, Project Soar in a Box. Our headquarters space is the foundation for which we build strong leaders, but is additionally a crucial decision-making center for more than 10 staff members supporting 40 Project Soar chapters and nearly 1000 teen girls across Morocco.

The Project Soar focus is to prevent adverse outcomes (dropping out of school, adolescent pregnancy, and child marriage), and also promote positive outcomes like staying in school, entering the workforce, and becoming strong leaders. Project Soar has been featured on the BBC and CNN, and was included in Michelle Obama’s documentary, We Will Rise. Our Founder and Executive Director was featured in the NY Times Saturday Profile as a person changing the world around her.

Porteur projet : Project Soar

Budget : €63,884

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