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Empowering communities to coexist with elephants (Botswana)


Titre : Empowering communities to coexist with elephants (Botswana)

Pays : Botswana

Date : 2019

Botswana is home to the largest elephant population, an estimated 130,000. In recent times this population has expanded its range, bringing them into contact with communities that lack the cultural knowledge of how to live alongside wildlife, having not had to do so. This has led to an escalation in human-elephant conflict and thus an increase in both human and elephant deaths. Our area has the highest number of reported incidence of human-wildlife conflict, especially among subsistence farmers.

This project addresses the concerns of rural communities, creating a safer environment for both humans and elephants. Specifically, our objectives are 1) build community support for conservation, 2) improve uptake of mitigation measures ; 3) build community resistance to elephant damage, and 4) increase economic sustainability in the area. These are achieved through a series of training workshops, environmental education classes and delivery of mitigation materials.

With increased educational activities in the communities (with over 2200 people) we will improve livelihoods, safety and respect for wildlife. To increase financial sustainability we are looking to help farmers increase their yield, create alternative economic income streams and help the community to benefit from wildlife through employment into the wildlife sector and tourism. This will help foster wildlife ambassadors and protectors of the future and ensure community and elephant safety.

Porteur projet : Elephants for Africa

Budget : €10,468

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