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Help Afghan Boys Trade Guns for Books


Titre : Help Afghan Boys Trade Guns for Books

Pays  : Afghanistan

Date : Date non précisée

Decades of war and civil strife have made Afghans the world’s largest refugee population. Millions of Afghans still reside in Pakistan. Their homes in Afghanistan have been destroyed. Prospects for re-establishing themselves in Afghanistan today are poor because of ongoing violence and the lack of shelter, clean drinking water, and sanitation. As repatriation efforts continue, Afghan refugees need to advance their education so they will be prepared for life back home.

Preschool through secondary education will be provided to 1,000 Afghan refugee boys through Learning Centers and schools. Support will include partial funding, supplies, monitoring, and training for teachers and managers.

Children who study at AIL’s Learning Centers have been able to join government schools at age-appropriate grade levels. Gaining literacy is life changing for adults and children and often they go on to study other subjects at centers increasing their capacity to support themselves.

Porteur projet : Afghan Institute of Learning

Budget : €87,870

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Page publiée le 10 septembre 2020