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Transform Lives of 70,000 Afghan Adolescent Girls


Titre : Transform Lives of 70,000 Afghan Adolescent Girls

Pays : Afghanistan

Date : Date non précisée

Afghanistan has endured decades of strife with women and children, particularly girls, suffering the most and being left behind. They have lost their identities through the loss of loved ones, from war, preventable illness, or displacement. Adolescent girls lack education and health services. This situation has caused the erosion of family unity, loss of trust among people, any sense of community, and core human values.

AIL’s education and training encourage critical thinking and personal responsibility and are based on core values. Together with access to healthcare and health education, these culturally appropriate programs are bringing about change in the way young women and girls see themselves. As they become healthy, they can learn skills and gain literacy and numeracy and knowledge of their rights and leadership capabilities. This enables them to transform their lives and their communities.

AIL’s holistic approach works, as providing education and training to healthy adolescents is showing remarkable results. Young girls are starting innovative projects in their communities and are joining together in Emerging Leader Groups to discuss ideas and support projects for a better future. Based on an AIL student sampling, 95% of the participants in leadership workshops have demonstrated actions of leadership in their communities ; something unheard of in the past.

Porteur projet : Afghan Institute of Learning

Budget : €67,672

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Page publiée le 21 août 2020