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Senegal : Feed the Future Senegal Kawolor Project


National Cooperative Business Association
CLUSA International

Titre : Senegal : Feed the Future Senegal Kawolor Project

Pays : Senegal

Date : NOVEMBER 2017 – NOVEMBER 2022

This project aims to curb malnutrition by empowering organizations and regional resources partners to scale up the Nutrition Led Agriculture (NLA) approach and utilize market opportunities for sustainability. The overall activity objective is to increase within beneficiary communities the production, consumption and commercialization of healthy and nutritious foods while encouraging household level consumption of diverse diets, focused primarily on women of reproductive age and children under two years of age

Using a “platform approach,” NCBA CLUSA trains and supports local institutions to lead their own community development. This allows communities to sustainably increase consumption of nutritious and safe diets, increase on-farm availability and market supply of diverse, micro-nutrient rich foods, increase resilience and income, increase adoption of nutrition and care practices, and improve the governance of food systems in 3,500 villages across 129 communes in 8 regions—reaching 150,000 households, 500,000 children and 1.5 million people over five years. Key to this approach, NCBA CLUSA will partner with and strengthen local, regional and national private and public sector partnerships including mothers’ groups, Citizen Working Groups, Agriprenuers known as Community Based Solution Providers (CBSPs), private firms and research institutions.

Kawolor is also helping project stakeholders and participants reach the goal of self-reliance through a private sector led approach, linking activities to ongoing market operations and supporting partners to develop relationships. This focus supports building and expanding the network of CBSPs, organized as an independent organization called CultiVert. Kawolor is identifying the broad range of potential partners working in the private sector within its zone of influence (ZOI) that are not yet engaged with the project, such as local and national market chains interested in accessing vegetables and fruit from local producers, as well as firms offering solutions in improved aggregation, transportation and storage of perishable food. CultiVert Solution Providers (CSP) are also key players in Kawolor’s efforts to more fully engage private sector actors and opportunities throughout the ZOI, as they work as agents bringing quality products, services and capacity training from these companies to communities.

Financement : USAID $40,000,000


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