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Improving agricultural education in Afghanistan


Titre : Improving agricultural education in Afghanistan

Pays /Région : Afghanistan

Début du projet : Nov 1, 2011
Fin du projet : Nov 1, 2021


Over 30 years of war have heavily damaged the agricultural sector and have resulted in hardly any agricultural education provision in Afghanistan. When the ATVET (Agricultural Technical and Vocational Educational Training) project started in 2011, there were about 30 agricultural high schools available to teach grades 10-12 using widely varying materials and outdated textbooks. The project has therefore worked on updating the national agricultural high school curriculum, developing new teaching materials, and training teachers to use them. The number of schools has in 2017 reached around 160 throughout Afghanistan. These vary in how well equipped they are, so the project is now providing direct support to the schools that require equipment, furniture and other resources.

Client (s) : Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs and Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Partenaires : Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation
Other parties involved : Afghan Deputy Ministry of Technical Vocational and Educational Training (DMTVET), the National Agricultural Education College (NAEC) and Agromisa

Présentation : Wageningen UR

Page publiée le 12 septembre 2020