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Support for Adult Literacy in Afghanistan


Titre : Support for Adult Literacy in Afghanistan

Pays : Afghanistan

Identifiant IATI : XM-DAC-41304-526AFG1000

Date/Durée : 2017-12-15 // 2020-01-01

This is a 1 year project that is expected to provide technical support to the Ministry of Education’s Literacy Department through various approaches to contribute to the attainment of key following expected outputs ; (i)reformed curriculum and instructional materials ; (ii) development of teacher training program ; (iii) conducting a situation analysis for adult literacy ; (iv) design and development of NFE-MIS ; (v) training and capacity building for MoE staff ; and (vi) strengthening LD’s national capacity to coordinate multi-stakeholder partnerships. It will also cover 4 provinces with provision of basic literacy and skill based literacy courses for 5,000 learners, 60% of which are female.

Paricipating Organisations (Funding) : Republic of Korea
Budget : US$ 1 750 458

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