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Bamiyan Cultural Centre (Phase II) Afghanistan


Titre : Bamiyan Cultural Centre (Phase II) Afghanistan

Pays : Afghanistan

Identifiant IATI : : XM-DAC-41304-526AFG4001

Date/Durée : 2016-12-22 // 2020-02-26

This document is a project proposal for the phase II of the currently on-going project of the "Bamiyan Cultural Centre". The phase II has two main areas of intervention : 1. Construction of the workshop space for the Cultural Centre in Bamiyan with a view to providing physical space and institutional resource which contribute to a balanced flow of cultural goods and services in Afghanistan ; and 2. Vocational training for girls in the area of design/architecture with a view to supporting women as creators and producers of cultural services and as an effort to promote human rights and fundamental freedoms. (phase I : Bamiyan Cultural Centre 526AFG4000)

Paricipating Organisations (Funding) : Republic of Korea
Budget : US$ 1 912 449

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