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Protection of Iraq’s Cultural Heritage


Titre : Protection of Iraq’s Cultural Heritage

Pays : Irak

Identifiant IATI : XM-DAC-41304-534IRQ4002

Date/Durée : 2015-10-14 // 2020-01-01

The dramatic situation of cultural heritage in Iraq and its intentional destruction by armed groups reached an unprecedented degree and the state of deterioration of inaccessible cultural sites is very difficult to determine. This situation led to a growing phenomenon of illicit trafficking in Iraq and its neighbouring countries. The project aims to monitor cultural sites and assess the damage incurred, mitigate the loss of cultural heritage through capacity building activities, fight illicit trafficking, raise awareness to the general public and coordinate with Italian entities which are active in Iraq’s cultural heritage protection and documentation.

Paricipating Organisations (Funding) : Italy
Budget : US$ 327 870

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