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Université des géosciences de Chine (2020)

Analysis of Drought Characteristics Based on Multiple Indices in the Hexi Inland River Basin


Titre : Analysis of Drought Characteristics Based on Multiple Indices in the Hexi Inland River Basin

Auteur : 李莹;

Grade : Master’s Theses 2020

Université : Université des géosciences de Chine

Résumé partiel
Drought and the resulting droughts have been one of the major natural disasters facing mankind since ancient times.In recent years,the trend of drought has become an important issue of global concern.In the context of climate change,with the increase of population and economic development,arid regions are showing an increasing trend,and the degree of drought has also increased.Drought not only poses a huge threat to agricultural production and food security,it also has a huge impact on the ecosystem and human life.The inland river basin in Hexi is located in the arid region of northwestern China.The precipitation is unevenly distributed in time and space,and the drought situation is complex and changeablIe.It is of great significance to carry out drought research in this basin.This study chooses Standard Precipitation Index(SPI),China Z index(CZI),Modified Z index(MCZI),Zscore Index(Zscore),Decile Index(DI),Normal Percentage Index(PN),Rainfall Anomaly Index(RAI),through correlation analysis,trend feature analysis,and the method of extracting drought characteristic variables based on the theory of run-length,combine with actual drought disaster materials,to select the meteorological drought index with good applicability in the study area from the above seven indexes.And then based on the preferred index,combine with the spatial and temporal changes of precipitation in the basin,to assess the meteorological drought characteristics of the research area from the trend,the number,the intensity,the frequency of drought events.Finally,the Copula function is used to construct the Comprehensive Drought Assessment Index(CDAI)to comprehensively evaluate the drought situation in the study area from the perspectives of meteorology and hydrology.The main conclusions of this study are :(1)The seven types of drought indexes have different performances in the drought assessment of the inland river basins of Hexi.The CZI,MCZI,and Zscore indices have a phenomenon that the some of drought events cannot be identified in the middle and lower reaches.

Mots clés : Meteorology Index; Copula; Comprehensive Assessment Drought Index; Drought Assessment;

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