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Arid Environments and Wind Erosion

Nova Publishers

Titre : Arid Environments and Wind Erosion

Editors : Antonio Fernandez-Bernal and Mauricio Alberto De La Rosa
Publisher : Nova Publishers
Date de parution : 2009 3rd Quarter
Pages : 394

Arid environments are landscapes that receive very little precipitation. Deserts can be described as an arid environment where more water is lost that gained as precipitation. Arid environments have been classified as mega thermal climates ; areas of having great heat. Deserts are especially vulnerable to the ravages of wind erosion. Because of the sparsity of vegetation, low precipitation, and often nonaggregated surface materials, erosion is almost certain during periods of high wind speed. This book focuses on regions classified as arid environments and how systematic, evidence-based synthesis may be useful for assessing ecological and cost-effective strategies for assessing revegetation in arid lands. It discusses foundations and main driving forces of socio-economic developments of arid zone and important mechanisms affecting the success of certain species over others. This book brings new research advances from around the world.

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