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Universidade Federal de Alagoas (2019)

Bactérias promotoras de crescimento isoladas da caatinga alagoana

Celestino, Erica Lívea Ferreira Guedes

Titre : Bactérias promotoras de crescimento isoladas da caatinga alagoana

Bacteria Growth promoting in isolated caatinga Alagoas

Auteur : Celestino, Erica Lívea Ferreira Guedes

Université de soutenance : Universidade Federal de Alagoas

Grade : Doutorado em Biotecnologia 2019

The Caatinga is an exclusive biome of Brazil and has unique climatic characteristics, marked by high temperatures and low rainfall, and in the dry season the temperature of the soil can reach 60 ° C. The Caatinga has a great wealth of environments and species and much of it is not found in any other biome. The Cactaceae family is one of the main representatives of the biome, among which the mandacaru (Cereus jamacaru) and the Xique-xique (Pislosocereus gounellei) stands out for the high and distribution and uses. Associated with these plants are microorganisms well adapted to the environmental conditions that are exposed. This study aimed to microorganisms associated with rhizosphere of cacti that have defense mechanisms to water stress and growth promotion plants. Rhizosphere samples were collected cacti in the cities of Piranhas and Olho d’Àgua do Casado / AL. With dependent methodology cultivation was isolated bacteria with mechanisms against water stress considered xerotolerant and plant growth promoting characteristic direct and / or indirect, such AIA production and solubilization of phosphate. Among the isolates, it was possible to identify strains of the genus Bradyrhizobium. When tested in bean plants, some of the bacterial isolates promoted increases in plant height.


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