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Universidade Federal de Alagoas (2020)

Análise da variabilidade climática sobre grandes culturas cultivadas em Alagoas (AL)

Oliveira, Sherlly Teles de

Titre : Análise da variabilidade climática sobre grandes culturas cultivadas em Alagoas (AL)

Analysis of climate variability on large cultures cultivated in Alagoas (AL)

Auteur : Oliveira, Sherlly Teles de

Université de soutenance : Universidade Federal de Alagoas

Grade : Mestrado em Meteorologia 2020

The state of Alagoas has a share in Brazilian agricultural production in the sugarcane, coconut, cassava and corn crops, however, some municipalities are quite affected by climatic variations, so local production may suffer significant drops in years of drought or drought. Extreme rainfall. Thus, the objective was to analyze the effects of climatic variability on the main agricultural crops in the state of Alagoas, identifying the climatic causes of the main rainfall events and their impacts on the production of sugar cane, coconut, cassava and corn. Precipitation data from 1987 to 2017 were used in the analysis of wavelets. Precipitation data with productivity data from 1987 to 2017 were also used for correlations and maps of Spatial distribution of the production data of the main crops in years of extreme weather events were also generated. Thus, one of the main results that can be cited : it was through the analysis of Ondeletas of the Metropolitan Region in which the dominant scales were extended ENOS and the Dipole of the Atlantic, in the other macroregions the dominant scale was the Pacific Decadal Oscillation for the Agreste, Baixo São Francisco, Médio Sertão and Planalto de Borborema and ENOS extended to the Alto Sertão, Norte and Tabuleiro do Sul Regions and ENOS to the Serrana dos Quilombos Region. Other results obtained that deserve to be highlighted were obtained by the spatial distribution maps of the main agricultural productions in the state of Alagoas, the highest yelds were observed in the sugar cane culture under the influence of La Niña Moderada, in the cassava culture during La Niña Fraca events. Weak and in maize culture under the influence of La Niña Forte. In view of this, this research is not only scientific because it is an unprecedented work, but it can contribute to the increase in the productivity of agriculture in Brazil, especially in the state of Alagoas, thus offering an understanding of the relationship between extreme events and the main agricultural productions of Alagoas, thus allowing the reduction of agricultural losses and favoring the increase in productivity of the great cultures of Alagoas.

Mots Clés  : Agricultura – Alagoas Variabilidade climática Ondeletas Precipitação (Meteorologia) Macrorregiões Agriculture Correlation Macro-regions Wavelets Precipitation


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