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Universidade Federal de Sergipe (2011)

Dinâmica ambiental e a política de recursos hídricos em uma barragem do Rio Brumado-BA

Almeida, Núbia Oliveira

Titre : Dinâmica ambiental e a política de recursos hídricos em uma barragem do Rio Brumado-BA

Auteur : Almeida, Núbia Oliveira

Université de soutenance : Universidade Federal de Sergipe

Grade : Mestrado em Geografia 2011

Policies on water resources in northeastern Brazil have been a practice adopted to contain the adversity coming from frequent droughts, and its study can be based on the landscapes and environment dynamics of transformation, with reference interventions in river basins, on the building of dams. The objective of this research is to assess changes in the middle course of the river Brumado from the building of the Dam Engineer Luiz Vieira, including Rio de Contas and Livramento de Nossa Senhora cities. Accordingly, due to the effects generated in the building process, it was established a relationship between the changes of landscape and the social and environmental factors involved. It was used the systemic approach s theoretical and methodological conception, establishing the integration among the ecological potential, biological exploration and anthropic action, recommended on the geosystem reading in its traditional scheme. To contextualize the public policies historiography developed, it was used data and primary information ; the watershed s physical environmental systems were characterized by the two environments compartmentation, the Pediplano Sertanejo and the Mountains of Western Edge ; the anthropogenic impacts on the municipal areas were analyzed from the in situ research, according to the environmental exploration and the social and environmental conditions of communities affected by the construction of the dam. The land use and occupation and the irrigated perimeter of the dam have been identified through mapping, which turned it possible to differentiate the changes in the landscape with the irrigation implement, was initiated by the State. The research presented results as : benefits generated by the dam to the Livramento de Nossa Senhora city in contrast to the real life of Rio de Contas city ; the areas around the reservoir that served as support for its construction are abandoned and were not recovered ; both the dam and the river downstream Brumado their characteristics are presented that show sedimentation ; the affected communities still seek to overcome their fertile land loss. As results, we conclude that the middle course landscape of the river Brumado presents special features both in regard to social problems, specifically the quilombolas communities, as environmental people who depended from the public policies of the National Department of Works Against droughts.


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