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American University in Cairo (2019)

Greywater treatment using electrocoagulation for possible reuse

Youssef, Sarah Omar

Titre : Greywater treatment using electrocoagulation for possible reuse

Auteur : Youssef, Sarah Omar

Université de soutenance : American University in Cairo

Grade : Master of Science (MS) 2019

Résumé partiel
The non-stop growing demand on fresh water to meet the booming population and its corresponding activities, such as domestic, industrial, and agricultural developments, necessitates finding means to preserve our natural water resources and find alternative sources than can still meet our different needs. Greywater is one of the most potential alternatives that can be reused in some water consuming activities such as toilet flushing, gardening, landscape irrigation, and for agricultural purposes instead of wasting the higher water quality of potable water from being used in non-potable water activities. The present research was undertaken to investigate the potential of electrocoagulation technique for the treatment of greywater. The investigation work has been divided into two main phases. Phase I included studying the effect of the electrocoagulation operating parameters, such as the electrode surface area to water volume ratio, current density and electrolysis time, on the removal of COD and turbidity from synthetic greywater using I-optimal design of response surface methodology by Design expert 12 software. The experimental results showed model adequacy and significance. The experimental work was done on laboratory scale and a batch mode of operation.

Mots clés : Electrocoagulation , Greywater treatment , Reuse , Electrochemistry


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