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İstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi (2019)

Determination of flood risk in the basins of Rize by using climate and hydrological models

ŞEN Olgay

Titre : Determination of flood risk in the basins of Rize by using climate and hydrological models

İklim ve hidrolojik modeller ile Rize’de bulunan su havzalarının taşkın risk tayini

Auteur : ŞEN Olgay

Université de soutenance : İstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi

Grade : Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) 2019

In general, hydrological extremes mostly induced by climate change has direct economic and social impacts on society and, thus has long been continuing to be the topic of investigations conducted in a wide spectrum of scientific communities ranging from climatology to public health. Of course, many of the most direct impacts occur by means of the hydrologic cycle for which climate is a driving force. It is becoming increasingly important to be able to accurately predict flooding because it accounts for the greatest losses attributable to natural disasters in the world. Intensive precipitation events in Rize province usually produce damaging floods. Hence, there is a need for estimating peak flow rates from storm events to develop a detailed floodplain management plan and reliable information to promote proper use and management of flood plains in order to protect property and lives and to work on other development plans. The purpose of this study is to produce a reliable watershed and floodplain model for the determination of risk for flood prone areas in Rize province using historical data and produced future data based on climate change scenarios. A model consisting of the combination of Watershed Modeling System (WMS) for peak discharge determination and TuFlow for floodplain analysis were employed. TuFlow which is 1D/2D hydraulic model based on finite difference approach, is known as one of the most popular hydrodynamic software employing shallow water equations. It is suitable for flood studies due to its stability and flexibility. Two-dimensional computations are carried out on Cartesian grids. The model includes the capability to incorporate one-dimensional sections to represent open-channels, rectangular or circular pipes, weirs, or bridges while two-dimensional part is for floodplain modeling. Boundary conditions can be applied to either the 1D and/or 2D portions of the model. Rize province is located in the northeast part of Turkey between Black Sea and North Anatolian Mountains. It has a mild and humid climate with warm summers and cool winters by the influence of Black Sea. The yearly average temperature is about 14oC over the coastline region of Rize. Climate gets colder towards to mountains. Rize is the rainiest city in Turkey, having a total annual precipitation over 2300 mm. Average of rainy days in Rize is about 170 days in a year with highest rainfall rates in autumn and lower rainfall rates in spring. Rize has a drainage area of 3920 km2.


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