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Minia University (2003)

Selection For Drought Tolerance In Wheat

Ibrahim Abd El-Hady Amin Attia

Titre : Selection For Drought Tolerance In Wheat

Auteur : Ibrahim Abd El-Hady Amin Attia,

Etablissement de soutenance : Minia University

Grade : Doctor of Philosophy in Agronomy 2003

The present study was under taken at shandaweel agric.res stat ., Ministry of agric .,Egypt ,during three winter seasons of 1998/99-2000/2001. The object of the present investigation was to study theresponse to ection in two wheat populations under normal and drought environments ,using pedigree selection methods , also to study genetic components of variability in f2,f3andf4 generation . the phenotypic and genotypic correlation coefficients among grain yield/plant with the studied traits and drought succeptibility index forgrain yield were computed . The materials used inthose studies were two wheat population as follows :- 1-population I:Giza 165 ×Nacozari-76 2-Population II:debeira ×cham 6 The f2 plants were used as abase population for selection to drive f 3 and f4 generations .In addition , the check cultivar for drought tolerance was (sahel 1)

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