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İstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi (2011)

Evolution Of Urban Agriculture Concept And Determination Of Design Criterias


Titre : Evolution Of Urban Agriculture Concept And Determination Of Design Criterias

Kentsel Tarım İlişkisinin Tarihi Gelişimi Ve Kentsel Tarım Tasarım Kriterlerinin Belirlenmesi

Auteur : AKYOL Meliz

Université de soutenance : İstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi

Grade : Master of Science (MS) 2011

Urban agriculture has been an indisputable part of cities’ historic development and is an important subject to improve sustainability of cities, urban landscapes, and agrarian society. Establishing the urban-rural linkages is a critical endeavor for the quality of life in urban areas. The purpose of this thesis is to present the historical evolution of different urban agriculture concepts ; and to elaborate their design criteria. In addition, it develops a chronological diagram, which shows urban agriculture thresholds through history. The review of different urban agriculture cases through literature and internet searches highlighted the effects of different eras (eg. World Wars, Industrial Revolution etc.) on urban agriculture. The cases are exclusively analyzed for their size, location, ownership, benefits, and functions in order to define general principles of allotment gardens, community gardens, and city farms. Institutional environment with regards to urban agriculture in Turkey is also analyzed in three sections : public institutions, laws and legislations, NGOs. A The final outcome is presented in the form of a chronological diagram and a design criteria table of urban agriculture. The findings show that through the history agriculture has played a big role in development of cities. It was the war, crises, and famine through all over the world that contributed agriculture to rise in urban areas as a vital solution. However, the notion has changed its characteristics from being an implicit concept in utopian cities of preindustrial and post war eras to being more exclusive planning and design strategy of the age of sustainability. Despite having many concepts and institutions within the frame of agriculture and environment in Turkey, it is clear that there is elusiveness of authorities in the field of urban agriculture.


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