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Tanta University (1979)

Physioecological Studies on Certain Desert Grasses

Hammoud, Mohamed Ahmed

Titre : Physioecological Studies on Certain Desert Grasses

Auteur : Hammoud, Mohamed Ahmed.

Etablissement de soutenance : Tanta University

Grade : Master of Science (MSc) in Botany 1979

The ecological part of this Thesis embodies a gpapt- 1i itative analysis of the dis tribut+anal pattern of Panicurn T.CC’WW.I turyidum b rask,, and its associated species and bhe relationships OX this pattern to environmental yariables ? The studied area traverses a d e s e r t transect oi about 200 km, long be tween IYadi El-Vatrun and dayium. This qea is pne ol : extraordinary bialogPcal iqters t beaause of i tq gedgr ? Zpcation s tradding two major phytogeographical regians in Egypt , Viz, the Medi terransaq c o a s t a l zone and the southern sector oi !he Westeren Desert, Vegetat ion and soils were sampled i n twint- y stands representins many possible environmental varialio s Relative density, r e l a t i v e freqvency and relative povesage were de terrnined for each perennial species and aaded tp provide an es$imate of its importan e value (IV). Xnpprtanoe 8 values were used to lassiXy and ordinate stands i n order to provide a synthesis OX the phyto99ci L gic@dLat a and ,I portray the compositf onal re lationships of speciag , The analysis of this study indierate that the veget ; ation in the study area is dornqnated by several vegetatk lonal groupings occuping thee major hypersphe,r.e s on the three dimensionaZ ordleation diagram.

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