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Desertification and Its Control in China

Springer and Higher Education Press

Titre : Desertification and Its Control in China

Auteur(s) : Ci, Longjun, Yang, Xiaohui
Editeur : Springer Jointly published with Higher Education Press
Date de parution : 2010

"Desertification and Its Control in China" comprehensively discusses desertification from the views of formation, distribution, development and control models. This book truly elucidates basic theory and control models of desertification, especially the numerous results from research carried out for the UN Convention to Combat Desertification. This book will provide a theoretical and practical basis for ecological and environmental planning and design as well as guidelines for prevention/restoration for desertification projects. It will also provide practical examples

Table of contents
Concept and Global Status of Desertification.- Natural Background of China’s Drylands.- Natural Resources and their Utilization in the Drylands of China.- Sandy Deserts, Gobi, Sandlands and Sandified Land in Dryland Provinces of China.- Water Erosion in the Drylands of China.- Soil Salinization.- Steppe Degradation and Rehabilitation in Northern China.- Biological and Technical Approaches to Control Wind Erosion and Combat Desertification.- Engineering and Technological Measures for Combating Desertification.- Optimized Sustainable Eco-production Paradigms in Drylands.

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