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İstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi (2015)

Reduce Of Evaporation Losses With Using Of Floating Photovoltaic Panels

KORKMAZ Mehmet Seren

Titre : Reduce Of Evaporation Losses With Using Of Floating Photovoltaic Panels

Buharlaşma Kayıplarının Yüzer Fotovoltaik Paneller İle Azaltılması

Auteur : KORKMAZ Mehmet Seren

Université de soutenance : İstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi

Grade : Master of Science (MS) 2015

Résumé partiel
Especially last 10 years, as parallel to increasing demand of energy, the most significiant improvements has been occured in Solar Energy Technologies if it is compared with other renewable energy technologies. In addition, as parallel to economic development, another increasing demand is about water supply. In the hydrological cycle, the biggest losses of water is evapotranspiration which is go back to the atmosfere as a form of water vapour. In Turkey, Evapotranspiration losses was calculated as 274 km3/year which is approximately 2.5 times bigger than annual available water potential of the country(110 km3/year). Unfortunately, there is no technological possibility to reduce transpiration losses which are sourced by plants during their grown up processes. But evaporation which is sourced from open water surface has a ratio of 90% of evapotranspiration losses. So, It is vitally important to reduce these evaporation losses. The mechanism of evaporation is drived by the change of air temperature. If the recent climate conditions would continue, the IPCC Global Climate Scenarios signs an increase between 4-6 °C over mid-latitudes in 2070. So, the reduce of losses from water resources and maximum benefits from the renewable energy of the country will have a role which is important to mitigate during a possible natural disaster as hydrometeorological drought. To Reduce of evaporation, there are many different type of solutions that some of them are physical solutions and some of them are chemical solutions. But every method have same approachment that is preventing of irradiance that come from sun. The Physical solutions like sun shading canvas have a significant economic cost. In addition, they haven’t got any facility for money back. As well as physical solutions, chemical solutions have not guarantee to reduce loss of water. Because they vitally up to the instant weather conditions. For example, monomolecular layer which is one of chemical solutions have been applied over water surface, it can easily spread over water surface but if A heavy precipitation with strong winds occurs, it decreases the concentration of the chemical layer over water surface. So, the injection process have to be repeated again. Of course it affects the economic costs. In recent years there is a new method to reduce of evaporation from water storage areas. Floating PV Systems. Although the first purpose for using the method is to benefit the cooling effect of the water for behind PV’s especially during hot daytime, the systems also close water surface and influence the mechanism of evaporation. In some countries like Australia which takes place in Tropical Climate Zone, applications of the method spreaded rapidly.


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