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İstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi (1998)

Climate Control With Plantation As An Urban Design Element

Bostancı, Yasemin

Titre : Climate Control With Plantation As An Urban Design Element

Kentsel Tasarım Elemanı Olarak Bitkilendirme İle İklim Kontrolü : Bağdat Caddesi, I. Levent Ve Ataşehir Örneği

Auteur : Bostancı, Yasemin

Université de soutenance : İstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi

Grade : Master of Science (MS) 1998

Résumé partiel
Climate Control With Plantation As An Urban Design Element Environment which is the consist of the relations created by human life, is also a scene for the happenings and changes for the social life. Human being, should work to meet the new and modern requirements which occure by science, technology developing contemporary life. So, human being needs to change his environment and create the man-made environment by using natural environmental sources. Human is depended to his environment with the space lived in. Planning is the main element to reach the contemporary life standards which has technical, economical, social, cultural and aesthetical values for human environments. City planning pays attention to provide social, economical and physical requirements of urban space. Urban design which is the certain branch of city planning, interests not only physical order of environment but also psychological requirement of environment users. The goal of urban design is to provide the best life condition for human. Physical environment and also climate is possible to control with correct using of urban design elements. Plants have an important role on studying the urban design. Each plant species has different growing properties and height. So plantation should be located by taking consideration the properties and plant species should be sellected according to its function. Plants as an urban design element may be indicated in 3 main design groups ;. Ceiling element (top cover) ; trees, understory. Vertical space divider ; shrub. Flat element (flat cover) ; meadow, grass, flowers Trees using for ceiling element are divided into four groups according to their shapes ;. Trees with large canopy. Trees with sharp pointed. Trees with column shape . Trees with pendulous shape Trees are divided into two groups according to type of their leaves ;. Broad-leaved trees (they fall their leaves in winter). Needle-leaved trees (they do not fall their leaves in winter) In design, plant species used for vertical space divider, is generally shrub. Shrubs specially make a connection between flat and ceiling. Plants as flat cover is a main green element which other plants placed on. Plant as an urban element, controls condition of climate which is consist of humidity, sun, solar radiation, wind, precipitation and also is used to improve the physical environment condition such as noise, air pollution.


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