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Minia University (1998)

Studies on Sensitivity of some Olive Varieties to Drought

Gowda, Adel Mohamed.

Titre : Studies on Sensitivity of some Olive Varieties to Drought

Auteur : Gowda, Adel Mohamed.

Etablissement de soutenance : Minia University

Grade : Master of Science (MS) 1998

Résumé partiel
This investigation aimed to study sensitivity of some olive cultivars to drought. Uniform and healthy one-year-old mist propagated transplants were selected and planted individually in plastic pots of 25 cm diameter, filled with (6 Kg) constant weight of loamy sand soil on the tai half of February in both seasons. All pots were irrigated at constant rate (510 cm/pot) to reach 100% available water of soil at two days interval till mid March (strating the experimental work). Also, they were fertilized by Kristalon (2 gm/litre) twice monthly. This experiment was conducted during two successive seasons to study the effect of three irrigation levels on the above mentioned five olive seedlings cvs. and was set in a completely randomized design. This experiment involved 15 treatments each replicated 3 times and each replicate represented by three olive seedlings. The three irrigation levels were irrigation after depletion of 25, 50 and 100% of available soil water (A.W.). The experiment was terminated at the end of October for the two seasons. The vegetative growth such as increasing rate of stem length and diameter, average number of shoots, average shoots length, average number of leaves, average leaf area, total leaf area, fresh and dry weight of various plant organ (leaves, stem, shoots and roots) were measured. Also, physiological and chemical characteristics such as leaf osmotic pressure, photosynthetic pigments (Chl. A, B and carotenoids) as well as proline content and leaf minerals content (N, P and K) were determined.

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