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Minia University (2019)

Marker Assisted selection (Mas) Of Some Wheat Cultivars For Drought Tolerance

Rezk, Haythem Kmal Abdelghany

Titre : Marker Assisted selection (Mas) Of Some Wheat Cultivars For Drought Tolerance

Auteur : Rezk, Haythem Kmal Abdelghany.

Etablissement de soutenance : Minia University

Grade : Master of Science (MSc) in Agriculture Biotechnology Science 2019

Résumé partiel
Most of the present study was carried out at laboratories of the Genetics Dept., Faculty of Agriculture, Minia University, Egypt. Experiments of the gene expression were carried out at the Biochemistry and Physiology Dept., School of Pharmacy & Food Science, Barcelona University, Spain. It aimed at discriminate between drought tolerant and susceptible wheat genotypes originated from a broad scope of diverse ancestors and attempting to identify expressions of some genes involved in drought tolerance in some of chosen wheat genotypes. For this purpose several wheat genotypes were subjected to estimate drought tolerance potentialities throughout a series of PEG6000 (Polyethylene glycol) treatments in sequential pot experiments. Out of them, fifty-nine genotypes were chosen in a preliminary experiment in which seedlings were germinated on five concentrations [0.0% 5%, 10%, 15% and 20% (w/v)] of PEG6000 to determine their drought tolerance potentialities. Three physical traits [i.e. shoot fresh weight (SFW), root fresh weight (RFW) and root/shoot fresh weight(R/SFW)] of the 25 days old wheat seedling were calculated and statistically analyzed. Grouping of these genotypes into different categories was done according to their drought tolerant potentialities depending on the measurements of the SFW, RFW and R/SFW traits. Subsequently, genotypes following each category could be selected as reliable representatives for their corresponding group only if they comply with the proposed criteria. The results indicated that AL t12, DEB, NOOR, SNO and AUS genotypes were the most relevant genotypes to drought tolerant group (DTG), while ALt6, Alt1, CL A45, C426, SAH 1, GM9 and AG 3 genotypes were selected to represent drought moderate-susceptible group (DMG). Finally, drought susceptible group (DSG) seemed to be represented by AR, OKR, AB, MSR 2, DK 52 and ALt10 genotypes.

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