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Minia University (1984)

A Geophysical Study on the Qattra Depression Western Desert, Egypt

Lotfy, Hamza Ibrahim Abdel Latif.

Titre : A Geophysical Study on the Qattra Depression Western Desert, Egypt

Auteur : Lotfy, Hamza Ibrahim Abdel Latif.

Etablissement de soutenance : Minia University

Grade : Master of Science in Geology 1984

It is believed that the abu Gharadig Basin which lies in the eastern portion of the qattare depression within the weatern desert of egypt contains large reserves of hydrocabons within its cretaceous data that are available in the araea particularly in the from drill hole information seismic reflection profiles as well as potential field data.In the light of the critical analysis of such exploratory data it is concluded that the abu gharadig basin is an E-Wtrending structurally-controlled sedimentary basin developed within the continental slope of the northern western desert of egypt it is made up of a subsiding basinal crustal block implying enormously and southwards by two relatively stable platfrom crustal blocks showing thin partially eroded cretaceous succession two major listric faults (F1andF2)bound the basinal block and control its subsidence with respect to the northern and southern stable platfrom blocks.the sedimentary section is generally dipping gently northwads and thickens basinward.Among the sophisticated conclusions reached in .The Abu Gharadig Basin was Created during the late jurassic between the paleozoic basin developed at siwa and the jurassic basin developed gebel rissu and kattania localized basaltic ana doleritic bulgr probably related to the early phases of the alpine orogeny which were epeirogenic in nature resulting a restricted crustal extension accompained by shallow mild subsidence of a crustal block along a pre-existing east-west trending major fracture in the northern western desert at the qattara depression area.

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