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Minia University (1983)

Effect of Local Climatic Conditions On Engine Performance

Abu - ElEla, Mohamed Abu - ElEla

Titre : Effect of Local Climatic Conditions On Engine Performance

Auteur : Abu - ElEla, Mohamed Abu - ElEla.

Etablissement de soutenance : Minia University

Grade : Master of Science (1983)

The e icient use and speci ic ue1 consumption of I.C.E’S represent one o the most important problems acing the operator and the mechanical engineer •. These depend basicly on the optimum per ormance of the engine, which may be considered satis actory i [2,17J The exhau.s ;t smoke is ’ot excessive. There are no breakdowns caused by the failure o components in service •. Durability. i.e. maximum practical running time between two successive overhauls-and parts replacements-is as long as possible. The WEAR RATE is su iciently low.
- Adhesive-, corrosive-. and Abrasive wear are the most commenly types o wear met with in I.C.E’S. The abrasive wear i the most decisive actor in determining the li e of l.e.E’S [11J, and is directly connected to the problems of engine filt- ration. There oret the identical engines have dif erent life- time depending on whether these engines are used in the desert, in agriculture area, in the city or in high ways [5,16J. There is only one way to diminish the abrasive wear caused by the contaminants and wear particles ; it is the FILTRATION which serves or reducing the quantities o contaminants getting into the system from the environment and for removing particles from the lubricating oil [3J. By setting practically dirt- ree air

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