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Minia University (2020)

Effect OF Spraying Royal Jelly on fruiting of Wonderful pomegranate trees

Mahfouz, Ahmed Gamal Hassan.

Titre : Effect OF Spraying Royal Jelly on fruiting of Wonderful pomegranate trees

Auteur : Mahfouz, Ahmed Gamal Hassan.

Etablissement de soutenance : Minia University

Grade : Master in agriculture Sciences 2020

The present investigation entitled ”Effect of spraying Royal jelly on fruiting of Wonderful pomegranate trees” was conducted during two successive seasons 2017 and 2018 on thirty own-rooted uniform in vigor Wonderful pomegranate trees, grown in private orchard located at the Assiut Western desert road Minia Distract, Al- Minia Governorate (250 km southern Cairo city), where the soil texture is sandy, since water table depth is not less than two meters. The chosen Wonderful pomegranate trees are five years old and planted at 4 X 4 meters apart. The formation of the chosen trees are double trunk per tree an open vase system with 4 to 6 major limbs and at least two principal layers of production. Winter pruning was followed at the first week of January. Drip irrigation system was adopted. However, irrigation carried by used water supply from underground well with pressure and volume controllers. Drip irrigation system with 1 lateral per line with non-compensating emitter. The current investigation aimed to study the effect of foliar application of Royal jelly at gradual concentrations (from 0.0125% to 0.050%) and its frequencies of application (once, Twice and thrice) on vegetative growth, yield and its components as well as fruit quality of Wonderful pomegranate cultivated in sandy soil under Minia Governorate conditions. Conclusion : Under Minia Governorate conditions in new reclamation sandy land and similar conditions, it could be recommended to treated Wonderful pomegranate trees with Royal Jelly at 0.025% two times as a foliar application, in order to improve the leaves chemical composition, flowering aspects, yield (kg/tree) as fruit numbers//tree and fruit weight (g) as well as fruit physical and chemical properties (to produce good yield with high-quality fruit).

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Page publiée le 25 décembre 2020