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İstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi (2015)

Integration Of Desalination Technology In Small Coast Towns’ Water Supply With Multi Criteria Analyses


Titre : Integration Of Desalination Technology In Small Coast Towns’ Water Supply With Multi Criteria Analyses

Küçük Sahil Yerleşimlerinde Su Temininde Çoklu Karar Analizleriyle Desalinasyon Teknolojisinin Entegrasyonu

Auteur : SÖNMEZ Murat

Université de soutenance : İstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi

Grade : Master of Science (MS) 2015

Résumé partiel
According to water cycle, people’s water consumption need shows important differences due to the change of natural conditions and geological structure. This problem consists of two basic causes ; the poor areas about surface water sources and high population growth rate in towns. It’s directed engineers to find new solutions for water supply. Together with the end of 20. century, desalination technology has showed great development and in this way, it is a significant chance that can remove trouble in the water supply. This process that uses several physical and chemical methods remove salt from seawater that is unlimited source. In this work, firstly, it is told how water is important for the sustainability of life together with water cycle. After that, information is given about various water intake structures (from surface water and groundwater). Then, if it is necessary after treatment, it is told how water is transported from sources to people and is stored. After the information about water supply is given, how it is treated in the third chapter. Water is the most significant element of the life and therefore, it’s not surprised that many people believe that distillation technologies have been used so as to produce fresh water since the fourth – century BC. This technology is started to spread out while growing owing to the water crisis especially in Middleast and the other countries in the World together with the end of 20. century. The capasity of desalination has reached to the peak level due to high population growth rate and changing climate conditions in the 21. century. It is thought that this is continued in this way. Nevertheless, increasing demand for this technology decreases it’s cost. Approximately % 97 of the water sources in the World is found in the seas and oceans that cover approximately % 70 of the earth surface. Hence, it is obliged to use this source in order to survive. In addition, removal of salt from seawater is hard compared to solid particles because overcoming of the osmotic pressure is required and therefore, the requirement for energy is higher according to the other treatment processes. Through the principle of the sustainable life, for this necessity, if renewable energy sources are used, the increasing climate change worries would be removed. In this work, this technology is investigated as two titles ; thermal and membrane technologies. Thermal


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