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Drought Management

Vedams Books from India

Titre : Drought Management

Auteur(s) : Arun Kumar Talwar and Satish Juneja,
Editeur  : Vedams Books from India
Date de parution : 2009
Pages : 264

"Drought Management has been written keeping this goal in mind, and is useful guide and referral for those involved in disaster management. The book is a compendious encyclopaedia on the issue of effectively managing droughts.
Elaborating on numerous mitigation measures to cope with droughts, it includes such strategies as ; close monitoring of the emerging drought scenario so as to develop an advanced warning system, relief measures for providing immediate succour to the affected population, upkeep of cattle wealth, hammering out alternative crop strategy for maximum possible retrieval of crops, etc. In addition the inclusion of long term measures like water conservation projects such as aquifer recharge and the constructs of reservoirs, has also been taken care of in this book."

Preface. 1. Understanding drought. 2. Drought management strategies. 3. Drought preparedness. 4. Reducing drought risk. 5. Comprehensive risk assessment. 6. Drought early warning system. 7. Role of remote sensing in drought management. 8. Drought and the farming sector. 9. Creating drought-resistant soil. 10. Drought and sustainable agriculture in India. 11. Post-drought rehabilitation. 12. Drought relief and mitigation in Maharashtra. Bibliography. Index.

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