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Minia University (2012)

Response to Selection in Durum Wheat Under Drought Conditions

Abdelsalam, Mohamed Mohiy-Eldin Mohamed.

Titre : Response to Selection in Durum Wheat Under Drought Conditions

Auteur : Abdelsalam, Mohamed Mohiy-Eldin Mohamed.

Etablissement de soutenance : Minia University

Grade : Doctor of Philosophy in Agricultural Science 2012

The present study was carried out at EI-Mattana Agric. Res Station, \gric. Res. Center, Egypt, during the three successive seasons of 2008/ :009,2009/2010 and 2010/2011. The objectives of the present investigation were to study the .’esponse to selection in two durum wheat populations using the pedigree ielection method, also to study the interrelationships among the studied traits for improving grain yield and its components. The materials used in these studies were two wheat populations, as follows : ]- Population I : (Bani-sweaf 1 x Line 2). 2- Population II : (Sohag 3 x Line 4). The F3 plants were used as a base population for selection to drive F4 and F 5 generations. Selection was based on one of the following criterion : 1) Number of kernels/spike. 2) Number of spikes/plant. 3) 1000-kernel weight (gm). 4) Grain yield/plant (gm). In addition, the parents of each cross, and the bulk population, were used for comparison of the selected families in each generation. The studied traits were : A - Morpho-physiological traits 1- Days to heading. 2- Days to maturity. 3- Plant height (em) 1- Number of spikes/plant. 2- Number of kernels/spike Summary 3-1000-kernel weight (gm). 4- Grain yield/plant (gm).

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